Nancy Likens –  Director Wadsworth Soprema Senior Center

Nancy has worked in the field of aging for almost thirty years. She served as the Director of the Medina County Office for Older Adults for 12 years and now serves as the Director of the Soprema Senior Center in Wadsworth. Through both directorship experiences, Nancy has gained true appreciation for the issues surrounding food insecurity among older adults in our community. In addition, Nancy has come to learn the positive effects that ongoing physical activity, including walking, present to older adults.  Both issues, food insecurity and the need to keep moving, are paired perfectly though the Medina County Senior Walk!

Seniors have the opportunity to walk for a great cause… raising funds to benefit the County’s home delivered meal program for needy older adults while gaining the health benefits of walking as a personal bonus. Nancy is working in the Wadsworth community to encourage seniors to participate in the Medina County Senior Walk this September. The Soprema Senior Center sponsors a Walking Challenge each spring and over 100 seniors have signed up to participate in the 2016 Walking Challenge. Nancy is confident that many of the Wadsworth walkers will join friends from around Medina County to walk in September.